Introducing our Newest Family Member...

No, this is not a pregnancy announcement.... but it's (almost) as exciting....

We have a new family member! 

Introducing..... Mr D:

Mr D..... our new Dyson Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner. My new favourite toy and love affair. 

Mr D..... our new Dyson Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner. My new favourite toy and love affair. 

Isn't he a beauty?

Isn't he a beauty?

I have a OCD when it comes to my floors. Vacuuming is a regular thing in my house. Our clothes may be crinkled coz I hate ironing and our garden beds sprinkled with weeds. Our draws and cupboards may wreak hoarding-havoc and our pillows are most likely well past their 'healthy change over' date. BUT.......when it comes to floors.....all is right in the world when my floors are dust/grass/hair/crumb free! It's just my 'thing'. 

So, with that said, we go through more vacuum cleaners than the average household, because I put our VC under constant pressure to perform well ;) Our last vacuum cleaner served it's purpose and did us well. It was a fairly 'affordable' one, as it's all we could manage at the time of purchase. It got us through 3 house-moves and more than it's fair share of usage. was costly to run (I would need $25 worth of disposable bags and filter pads every 5 weeks) and omitted a smelly dusty air back into the house! By the end of it's time the lid had snapped off, meaning all the attachments would fall out and the floor tool had become scratchy with a loud nails-on-a-blackboard sound that made me shiver with every push. I had just said to my husband that I thought it was on it's last days and we will need to budget in a new one soon. 

Fate stepped in....because just days later as I was eating my lunch at work an email popped up on my phone asking if I'd like to trial and review the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Cleaner that is bag & filter free!! Hell YES!.....I responded to that email in record time, and just a week later our delivery man turned up with my new favourite family member (shhh....don't tell the kids!). 

I know I am sad sad person, but I was seriously like a kid on Christmas when that baby arrived! It came straight out of the box and I've been having so much fun playing with all the different parts and attachments. My favourite? The long thin 'soft' brush which is for cleaning blinds as well as in and under furniture without scratching or getting stuck! A game changer in cleaning our wall of white shutters....

Claire Chadwick reviews the new Dyson Cinetic vacuum cleaner on

Saturday morning: home from a 7am run and straight into the vacuuming. I'm normal aren't I?? Please tell me I'm normal ;) 

What can I say?....I love it! 

Cinetic Ball Vacuum Cleaner by Dyson

So my honest thoughts?....

  • This is the first time I've owned a Dyson and it has definitely lived up to it's name.
  • It's small and easy to store but still powerful and super effective.
  • It will work out so much cheaper in the long run as we won't need to buy bags, filters or extra attachments.
  • It came with a huge range of attachments for all your cleaning needs!
  • It has a 2 year (free) guarantee.
  • Free delivery when you buy online here. 
  • It's quiet and doesn't loose suction when I go from tiles to carpet to the floor rug. 
  • It's gross but AWESOME to empty out the barrel and to see exactly what was hiding in your carpets. 

Yes I was gifted this product, but my thoughts and review is honest. I love this cleaner and am wondering why we didn't save the thousands of dollars over the years buying new (cheaper) vacuum cleaners and bags and just invested in a Dyson to start with. Live and learn I guess. 

So, there you go. Welcome to the Chadwick house Mr D. You and me will get along just fine I think!

Are you on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner? Have you had, or do you currently have a Dyson? Thoughts?


Click on image to be taken to Dyson's website with more information and pricing...

Claire x


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10 Foods That You Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren't

I've recently become a lot more mindful and aware of the food/s that I'm putting into my and my family's bodies. No, I'm not a pure vegan/organic/only-wholefoods/paleo/raw eating Mumma, and yes you will find me indulging in the occasional Baskin n Robbins Cookie Dough Ice Cream (without any guilt) and you will find prepackaged cookies in my kid's lunch boxes.

I'm not getting all preachy on you, because mine or my family's diet is nowhere near perfect; but, I've spent some more time of recent learning what's not as healthy as I first thought (or how advertising perceives) and where I could make some changes with our overall diet. I find it's more the snack foods that I struggle to find healthier options for. I'm happy with a handful of nuts, and some cut vegies or fruit, but 2 of my 3 children are not easy to please, therefore a convenient pre-packaged snack (or several) always makes it's way into my shopping trolley.  

10 foods that you think are healthy but actually aren't on Mum's Closet blog

Here are 10 foods that you may think are healthy, but aren't all that good for us:

1. Muesli / Energy Bars:

Although these sometimes contain some great wholesome ingredients, fruits, nuts or proteins, they are usually jam-packed with added sugars, syrups, preservatives and artificial flavours/colours/sweeteners. A handful of nuts or some homemade options may be a better option. 

2. Bottled Salad Dressings / Mayonnaises:

Again, like number one, a lot of salad dressings are laced with high amounts of calories from added sugars, preservatives and flavours which make them taste better, but can add a significant amount to your daily calorie count. Even the 'FAT FREE' options can sometimes be 'not that great' for you - yes, the fat content is low or zero but the calorie levels are high! A squirt of Olive Oil with some fresh cut herbs may be a better option. 

3. Dried Fruit:

Yes, it's a form of fruit and contains some vitamins and antixodants. But usually sugar, syrup or other chemicals are added to the fruit in the preserving/dehydrating process. Fresh fruit is always a better option but dried fruit is still a fairly good snack when consumed in moderation and balance. 

4. Vitamin Water / Sports Drinks:

Again, the calorie count is quite epic. Added sugars give these drinks their sweetness and taste but can sabotage your good food diet very quickly. Some of these drinks also have high levels of salt or sodium. Always check the labels and make a decision on why you want/need this drink option. For a cheaper and fresher idea : add some cut up fruit (lemon, strawberries, blueberries) to your water bottle. Yes, you're still consuming natural sugars from the fruits, but at least it's a more wholesome option without the added flavours, chemicals and nasties. 

5. Bottled Juice:

It's easy to believe that 'juice' can be healthy as it's made from fruit. And it all depends on which brands you buy, however most bottled juices in the dry grocery aisles are loaded with added sugars, flavours, colours and preservatives. Some clever marketing makes us think we're giving our children a fruity, healthy drink to start the day; however when you read the fine print, they're not all that great after all. Mr 4 loves a freshly squeezed orange juice with ice, which is easy to make (a simple hand squeezer) and I know it's fresh and as healthy as juice can get. 

6. Low Fat Peanut Butter:

Peanuts and Peanut Butter are known for their substantial levels of monounsaturated fat (the good stuff). When you get the low-fat option you are taking away some of these good fats and instead consuming a high dose of extra unnecessary calories and sugars. When it comes to this tasty sandwich spread; stick to the whole fat option.  

7. Multigrain Bread:

When the grains are 100% wholegrain you're onto a winner, but many of the multigrain breads on our shelves are made with refined grains; meaning they lose a lot of their goodness. Learning to read what's good in bread and what's not is important. I've been buying multigrain for years, thinking it was a better option than white bread. Turns out I was wrong, depending on what brand I bought. 

8. Low Fat / Skim Milk:

When the fat is removed from a product such as milk, it's sodium and sugar levels are often increased, as does the thickener and chemical content. Consuming fat can be a good thing for your body as it supports healthy functioning of many organs and can contribute to healthy hormone levels. Knowing which fats are best and understanding healthy quantities is the key.

9. Smoothies:

What?? They're loaded with fruit and can they be unhealthy?! I am a big smoothie advocate (you can grab my FREE Smoothie and Juice Recipe book HERE!) but because of mammoth amounts of fruits, vegetables and extras all thrown into the one cup, they can have quite high calorie counts. I will admit that I overlook this and will still down a smoothie every other day, as I find it a nutritious and filling way to start the day. I will be mindful of my calories/sugars consumed the rest of the day though as to not overload my body. My skin usually lets me know when I've had too much sugar (whether it be natural or processed).

10. Shredded / Pre-Grated Cheese:

While it's convenient and deliciously tasty, a lot of speculation has been spotlighted on packaged pre-grated cheeses of recent times. So, it turns out..that white powdery stuff covering the pre-shredded cheese pieces is not cheese dust or dried cheese crumbs; it's additives! Most commonly used is Cellulose Powder which is added to prevent the cheese from clumping or sticking together. If you compare the ingredients on the back of the packet with that of a block cheese, you'll notice more ingredients including extra chemicals, numbers and even potato starch. I think I need to get back to buying block/ball cheese again and spending an extra 2 measly minutes grating it myself. 

Looks (or marketing!) can be deceiving hey!?

Claire x 


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Pawfect Pets. GIVEAWAY with Bravecto for their Smart Dogs Campaign.

We've had our little pup Latte for just over a year now and it's hard to remember what it was like before he came along.

Having a dog is a big responsibility, yet comes with so much goodness that I now understand why families become so attached to their little four-legged friends. Latte is still so young and we're learning all about the good and the not-so-good parts that come with being a doggy-lovin family. The good like....his little wagging tail in the mornings when he first wakes and the pure delight he shows us as we walk in the front door after being at work/school all day, the way he smiles (yes, he smiles!), his not-so-subtle hints when he wants a belly rub, the enthusiasm he has for life (just mention the W word (walkies) and he's PUMPED!, and the not-so-good.....the toilet training (that still has it's down days...even a year on), the barking at the window at birds, planes, the post man and anything that he's dying to chase, the small dog syndrome (he thinks he's so much bigger and tougher than he really is!) and the most significant at the moment...his aggressive reaction/anxiety/fear when startled from sleep or rest. 

Just like parenting children, being a dog owner comes with a beautiful mix of joy and challenges.

Latte the Moodle. Waiting patiently for his delicious Bravecto tablet :) 

Latte the Moodle. Waiting patiently for his delicious Bravecto tablet :) 

Your dog's health is also an ongoing responsibility... from immunisations to microchipping, to teeth/mouth products, to bathing and clipping, to nutritious meals and to worming, flea and tick prevention/treatment. 

However, thanks to Bravecto the stress, cost and effort to keep your dog safe from fleas and Paralysis ticks has now been made a lot easier. 

Dr Katrina Warren is the National Ambassador for Bravecto, an oral treatment offering dog owners unprecedented extended protection – just 1 tasty chew protects dogs for 4 months against paralysis ticks and 3 months against fleas – meaning fewer treatments to remember each year, and less to forget! Smart dogs have smart owners, and smart owners use Bravecto.

Find out more about Bravecto at,on Facebook at Bravecto AU, or via Instagram @bravectoau.

Bravecto - beats ticks and fleas for 4 months in one tablet. Review and Giveaway on

The good people at Bravecto have kindly offered 20 Mum's Closet readers/followers the chance to win a pack of their awesome chewable tablets that treat and prevent fleas and paralysis ticks....and only have to be taken every 3 months instead of fortnightly or monthly, like most other brands. 

Plus, they've taken the thought out for you with their awesome app which sends you a reminder when your dog is due for their next tablet. HELL YEAH to this....because I know the months are flying by and having one less thing to remember or jot down on our crazily full calendar is a massive help! 

Win a packet of dog flea/tick chewable tablet on Mum's Closet blog with Bravecto

How to win a PACK of Bravecto Flea/Paralysis Tick Chewable Tablets for Your Beloved Dog:

(This is apart of the Bravecto's Smart Dog Campaign with ambassador Dr Katrina, and involves $1500 in prizes!) 

The Boring (but necessary) Bits: 

- Open to Australian residents only for postage reasons. Thanks for your understanding. 

- 20 Winners will be drawn at random from the entries submitted. They must follow the giveaway rules/expectations and be contactable. 

- There are 4 ways to enter. You may enter 1-4 times.  

- Winners will be contacted via email.

- GIVEAWAY ends and drawn on Sunday 15th May at 5pm (QLD time).  

GOOD LUCK to you and your pooches. 

Claire x


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Beauty Review: Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals (Amazing Eye Cream!)

Brought to you by the Skin Doctors.

I've written many times on here about my confusing, muddled, sensitive skin. It's frustrating to have a 'bit of everything' type skin (there should be a category for that...surely I'm not the only one?) as there is no one cure, product or solution that works my whole face. Parts of my face are prone to breakouts (once a month I have the acne-style skin of a teen!), whilst other parts (mainly my T Zone) are oily and easily blocked, whilst other areas are dry and lacking hydration (told you....confusing much?!). Throw in the normal signs of ageing as I head into my mid-thirties (fine lines and wrinkles) and the lack of self-care (hello busy lifestyle that leaves me no time to concentrate on my skin) and ta-da!... that, my friends; is just my facial skin!

I have to be very careful what I apply to my skin, as it can take only one product (either a treatment or make-up) to send my whole face into chaos. With that said, I'm usually open to trialling new products, if I'm confident it will help and especially when it comes with good reviews. 

Skin Doctors got in touch with me recently as asked me what skin type I had (ugh...if only it was that simple to answer!) and offered some products to me for review. Here are some of the skin problems targeted by the Skin Doctors ranges:

- Wrinkles and expression lines

-  Sagging and loss of elasticity

-  Pigmentation and sun damage

-  Dehydration

-  Dull, lifeless skin and uneven skin tone

-  Oily, shiny t-zone

-  Body ageing

Straight away they had my attention...because I could tick several of those categories. 

I told their experts/specialists about my oily, breakout-prone skin and my puffy, wrinkled eye areas; as these are the two main areas of concerns for me at the moment. 

And wahlah, these four products arrived several days later...

Skin Doctors Review on Mum's Closet the blog acne skin and fine line wrinkles

·         Instant Eyelift RRP $39.95 – For instantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles, bags, puffiness and age lines.

·         Eye Smooth RRP $49.95 – For long-term reduction of crow’s feet, creeping and under eye wrinkles.

·         T-Zone Oil Control Cleanser RRP $29.95 – Purifying cleanser for a matte complexion.

·         T-Zone No More Pores Night Treatment RRP $29.95 – To clear pores and reduce excess sebum overnight.

I've been trialling these products for over a month now, and am loving the results. 

Yes, my skin is still experiencing monthly breakouts, but that's hormone related and I've accepted that no matter how well I eat, how much exercise I do or how well I treat myself, this cycle-breakout is all part of being ME and how my body works! (On that note: this was much better and more controllable when I was on the contraceptive pill, but I no longer want or need to take them, so have to deal with the hormone attacks as a result!)

However, the Oil Control Cleanser (which I'm using once a day - each morning) and the T-Zone Night Treatment have made some great improvement in my skin's oil production and decreased the noticeable blockages.

Skin Doctors Wash Cleanser for Oily Skin - review on Mum's Closet blog
T-Zone Oily areas for acne pimple breakout skin by Skin Doctors review by

But, I have to say, it's the eye creams/serums that I am LOVING most!

The EYE SMOOTH is creamy and nourishing. I've been using it after every shower to hydrate, replenish and moisturise my eye area. (And I've been dabbing a bit on my frown lines on my forehead...shhh) and the INSTANT EYELIFT literally does gives you an instant tightening and smoothing of the fine lines, puffiness and swelling around the eye area. You can feel it working!! (My recommendation is to moisturise your eye area first - with the EYE SMOOTH or your normal facial moisturiser to make the skin supple and ready to stretch - it feels a little dry & crackly when I apply directly to my dry skin post-shower). 

I'm not using the INSTANT EYELIFT everyday - only on the days that I wake looking 20 years older (which seems to be a lot lately with full-time work!), or have a special event/reason/function that day or when heading out for a night out and don't want to look tired (the new norm these days hahaha).

Magic Serum!

Magic Serum!

Are you bored with your current skin care products and looking for something fresh? Or does your skin fall into one of the categories I've listed above? Or do you need a new magic serum to give your face a little extra sparkle each day? If you've said yes to either (or all) of these 3, then please head over to Skin Doctors and read up on their awesome products.

I've got my eye (or skin haha) on their Exfoliating Crystals and T-Zone Zit Zapper to add to my cart next payday!

Claire x 


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5 Teachers with Style on Instagram

With my current full-time stint at teaching, I've been drawn more to the teaching related social media accounts lately. 

Gosh, I remember back when I graduated from Uni and started teaching (12 years ago) and we had to get all teaching inspo from text books, other teachers and/or our own imagination. The hours, oh the hours, I spent making resources from scratch. Nowadays, we have Pinterest and websites and blogs and YouTube, which means teaching resources are so much easier and cheaper to access.

This is the same for fashion and outfit inspiration as well. Simply click onto your Social Media channels, search a few hashtags and WHAM, you have a minefield of ideas, links and motivations. I LOVE IT!

So, I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite TEACHER STYLE Instagramers that you should follow too (if your don't already):


1. Alex from What The Teacher Wears // @whattheteacherwears

What the Teacher Wears on Instagram Mum's Closet the blog

Alex has become an Insta-celebrity over the past few years with her amazing style and affordable fashion tips for teachers. She is a Brisbane-based primary school teacher, Westfield stylist, blogger and collaborator, who has become the one-stop account for all things 'teaching in style'. 

2. Teacher Style by Georgina // @teacherstylebygeorgina

Teacher Style by Georgina on Instagram with Mum's Closet the blog

I love Georgina's account for teaching style inspo. She mixes gorgeous print with basic monochromes and can rock both a midi skirt and ripped jeans, depending on the weather. Be sure to hit FOLLOW on this Melbourne-based teacher's Insta. 

3. Fiona from Sister in Style // @sisterinstyle

Fiona from Sister in Style on Instagram with Mum's Closet

Fiona; a Gold Coast teacher-aide by day and a jewellery designer, creator and marketer by night and weekend. I adore Fiona's ability to accessorise any outfit and let statement pieces work so perfectly in sync. Also, check out her online store here. 

4. Kirsty Ashe Style // @kirstyashestyle

Kirsty AShe Style on Instagram on Mum's Closet teacher style

Kirsty is a part-time teacher mixed fabulously with her styling business; Kirsty Ashe Style. Kirsty puts together awesome outfit inspo boards which she shares across Social Media and so often they make up the perfect 'teacher uniform'. 

5. Lily from The Stylish Teacher // the_stylish_teacher

The Stylish Teacher on Instagram with Mum's Closet

Lily is a Mum, Teacher and Certified Stylist based in Brisbane. I love that her Insta account is so much more than 'a curated feed'. She keeps things real and authentic by throwing in pics of her family life and everyday work life. Lily is a pro at dressing to flatter body shapes. Be sure to follow her Insta.

Boy, that was hard to pick only 5 as I do follow plenty of teachers on Instagram that all have amazingly good style and share their outfits, tips and best-buys on social media to inspire us all. (Maybe I need to do a Part Two so I can include some more!)

Whether you're a teacher or not, there's plenty of fashionable fun and inspo to find in these accounts.

Check them out!

Have a great (short) week all. 

Claire x 


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Luxe or Less: Autumn / Winter Boots

With Autumn well and truly in motion I thought it would be fitting to share some of my current favourite boots for this week's Luxe or Less.

I shared my new faves a couple of weeks ago, and I wore these boots in Sydney last week to the Collective Hub event. They were so comfortable (and I was in them from 6am to late into the night) and versatile. These babies will be getting plenty of wear this season, and they were well under $100 in price. 

Here are three more styles that I am eyeing off and hope you love too....

SHOP THESE: {LUXE} Nardia Leather Boots by Alias Mae $289.95  //  {LESS} Alvina Western Buckles Ankle Boots by Spurr $69.95

Buckles and embellished hardware are the easiest way to add some character and 'punch' to your boots. How good are these trio-buckled boots? I must admit...I prefer the Alias Mae pair - but really; at $69.95 those Spurr ones are a winning buy!

If you're on the hunt for a more neutral toned pair of boots this season, check out these: 

SHOP THESE: {LUXE} Louis Boots in Tan by Sol Sana $239.95   //  {LESS} Hero in Camel by Billini $89.95

SHOP THESE: {LUXE} Louis Boots in Tan by Sol Sana $239.95   //  {LESS} Hero in Camel by Billini $89.95

Don't forget that ankle boots can be worn with all kinds of hemlines and lengths...from skirts to dresses to jeans and more. Nikki from Styling You wrote a great post about How to Wear Ankle Boots here. A little heel on them gives you a bit of length and posture, which can't be a bad thing ;) 

As for above-the-knee boots; I'm still yet to buy some....but I do LOVE them!

I worry my legs are too short for this style (I have short muscular/athletic legs) but I guess I should get in store and simply try some on with some skinny jeans, ponte pants or leggings.

I went with matte/suede options, so they can be worn with leather (or leather look) pants/skirt if desired. (You don't want a shimmer overload with glossy pants and glossy knee length boots).

SHOP THESE: {LUXE} Pippin by Siren $319.95  //  {LESS} Tall Micro Suede Boots by Dannii Minogue $129.00

SHOP THESE: {LUXE} Pippin by Siren $319.95  //  {LESS} Tall Micro Suede Boots by Dannii Minogue $129.00

Are you currently boot hunting?

Which are your faves at the moment?

Claire x

P.S. Remember boots will last more than one season. In fact most of my boots last years, as I only wear them for a few months each year. So, buy styles that you love but that will stand the test of time, even when trends change. 



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Life Lately: April 2016

Hi All, 

Sorry about no new posts (until now) this week. We've just rolled into Week One of Term Two - and as a Teacher and a Mum; this means it's crazy time. Oh, how I love the school holidays ;)

I thought it was about time for a 'Life Lately' post with a brain dump of recent happenings:

Life Lately blog update on Mum's Closet

So.... the biggest thing to report on (and the main reason why my posting is a little inconsistent as of this week) is that I have taken on a full-time Prep class for half of the term. Their teacher is travelling overseas and the opportunity was too good to say no to (plus, they are a gorgeous little class, and I felt very honoured being asked to fill the position). After the full-time contract I will settle back into my part-time role at the same school and hopefully back into a regular rhythm of consistent posting.

It's only been 3 days, so I won't get too cocky - but so far, it's going fabulously. The class are adorable and we've filled our days with plenty of fun, engaging conversation, creativity and bucket loads of learning. I spent several days in the holidays planning and prepping my lessons and resources, which has been a sanity saver; as I'm starting each day feeling organised and calm, whilst ticking all the boxes of the Prep curriculum and school's requirements.  

If you're also a teacher you'd know; the workload of teachers is a whole lot more than simply 9am-3pm. In fact, those hours are just the half of it. There is soooo much to do, all the time. However, after being only part-time for the past 8 years since my first child was born, I am enjoying some parts of the full-time flow. 

Balancing full-time work with being a Mum of 3 is no easy feat either, and I bow down to you mothers who do it. Our mornings are scheduled down to the minute and our evenings have become so SO precious. I already know how amazing Friday afternoon is going to feel :) 

Dropping everyone off each morning and then getting myself to work on time is a juggle, but doable, especially since we're all within a 6km radius of each other. Hubby is in charge of pick up on my staff meeting days and the Grandmothers are being awesome by looking after Mr 4 on Thursdays and Fridays to save us on an extra 2x days of childcare.

So, please forgive my lack of consistency over the coming weeks as I focus on being the best teacher to these scrumptious little Preppies and the best Mum to my busy, active kids. With that said though - stay tuned for some scheduled posts for the next fortnight; with a giveaway (for Pet owners), a skin product review and some teaching related topics. 

Claire Chadwick at The Collective Hub event Kick Start Smart 2016 with Lisa Messenger

What else has been happening at Mum's Closet headquarters?

Kirsty and I enjoyed two nights in Sydney last week and attended the Kick Start Smart event organised by the Collective Hub. It was all kinds of amazing, and we're so glad we made that investment to go. 

We delved into 3 days of child & husband-free time and used the chance to chat all things motherhood, fashion, business, life, direction, inspiration. We sipped wine at the Opera House Bar and savoured the Harbour Bridge views and stunning city skyline. We drank bucket loads of coffee (; coffee and Kirsty; green tea) and shopped the Pitt Street Mall. We tried some new restaurants and simply had a break from everyday life. 

We've got some fabulous ideas for the direction & purpose of Two Mums Talking, including some more upcoming events. Stay tuned!

Two Mums Talking at Collective Hub event Kick Start Smart event in Sydney 2016

What was my favourite parts of the Collective Hub event?

- Meeting Lisa Messenger was right up there with a hooray 'pinch me' moment.

- The emcee; Phil Nosworthy was ah-mazing. Energetic, funny, charismatic, knowledgable - he kept the event flowing and pumping. Would love to work a crowd with him one day or have him speak at one of my/our events.

-  Being around other entrepreneurs and like-minded hyperactive people is always inspiring and heart pumping. I have so many ideas for Mum's Closet, Two Mums Talking and other ventures I've always wanted to embark on - and such an event always grounds me back down to what's most important and what I should focus on right now. It reminds me why I do the things I do and why I always have an urge to do more, be more and produce more. 

- Hearing people's stories of failure, success, growth and redirection. I listened to very wealthy, successful people talk and it was sobering to hear their stories of hard times, mistakes, failures and ah-ha moments. I love that kind of stuff. LOVE IT!

And, Mum Life:

- Mr 4 makes us smile every second. He's so curious and full of wonder. He's articulate and creative and FULL of ideas. He recently had his Prep interview for next year, and I'm equally excited and devastated that my baby starts school in nine months. I blinked and baby is no longer a baby!!

- Miss 8 never stops talking. But that's not a new thing. I think she came out of the womb talking. She's LOVING Grade 3 and her new teacher. She headed off to Term 2 with a skip and a smile. She's getting older and starting to know more, ask more and be aware more of adult world concepts. Again, where did the time go? One day she's building fairy houses and now we're at YouTube censorship and drug awareness talks. What the what?!

- Mr 17 is deep into the world of driving lessons, Grade 12 studies and the complicated ins and outs of teenage relationships, Formal (Prom) details and the pinch that comes with the future outside of school. He's made some massive turn arounds lately and we're so proud of the man he's becoming. 

Personal Life:

Something really shitty happened to my husband and our family about 2 months ago. I didn't broadcast it, so many of you would be unaware that anything occurred, but I will share more soon. Yet the cool part is....the shitty thing turned out to be a big blessing in disguise and the decisions it forced us to make have now made our life a whole lot simpler, happier and wholesome. Who would've thought!? Funny how life works. 

Claire CHadwick in Shabby Sisters dress from Mum's Closet the blog

Ok, and because I'm clearly not busy enough HAAA ;) I have a burning idea of something I want to pursue here on Mum's Closet that is fashion related and a great chance to give you guys another platform and branch. I'm in the process of researching and questioning before I rush into it, but it's something I've wanted to do for years yet never actually pushed. Watch this space, and please sign up to my Mailing List as I'm going to send out a survey soon that'll give me some indication if it's worth it or not and whether it's something YOU GUYS would love. THANK YOU! a nutshell....that's been my life lately. 

Happy weekending's almost here. 

Claire x 


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Nothing Says Autumn like a Pair of New Boots

Nothing says Autumn like a pair of new boots, does it?! 

Here on the Gold Coast, we don't really get the browning, falling leaves and the below zero temps - but we do get chilly sea breezes and icy misty mornings between April and August, which means the perfect excuse to stock up on new boots, scarves and hats :)

I got a gift voucher for Christmas from my family to use on THE ICONIC and decided to use some of it recently on boots, glorious boots. (I bought them in the 40% off sale too!) 

Spurr boots from THE ICONIC on Claire Chadwick from Mum's Closet blog
Claire Chadwick fashion blogger in THE ICONIC autumn winter boots by SPURR

Ankle Boots:

Benita Cut-Out Ankle Boots by SPURR on THE ICONIC $69.95 // SHOP THEM HERE


// Off the shoulder top from Shabby Sisters  

// Skirt from

// Sunglasses from VisionDirect Australia

Ankle boots are such versatile little babies as they can be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses or jeans - which is perfect for our Australian climate.

Autumn ankle boots from THE ICONIC on Mum's Closet blog Gold Coast

Do you have 'new boots' on your Autumn/Winter wish list? If so, which ones are you eyeing off?

Claire x


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